2021 has arrived, and if you’re not yet convinced that it’s time to crank up your influencer game, take a moment to read the linked article and see if you can warm up to the idea.

Once you know you’re ready to start creating viral video content (or at the very least, video content that converts), go ahead and dive into this article where I walk you through a short-form breakdown of the basics of the first phase of video production: Pre-Production.

Towards the end of the article, I also touch briefly on the next three phases: Production, Post-Production, and…

Ahh, that one “I” word that triggers all kinds of emotions for so many of us.

Some of us don’t care at all about it, some of us are curious or intrigued by it, some of us are on the fence battling an internal conflict about it, some of us scoff at the thought of it and at those who pursue it — and still some living amongst us would secretly either kill or die trying for it.

What is the big, elusive “it” I’m referring to?

Yes indeed, the super controversial title of “INFLUENCER.”

Nooo, not those stinkin’ attention-thirsty…

Nareen Bagdasarian

Nareen is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus on entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and content creation. Proud cat and dog mama.

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